Aura Restaurant & Lounge are seeking innovative & qualified candidates that our interested in applying for our Nightlife Ambassador or Marketing Specialist Internship.​Our Company works directly with the leading edge Lounges, Casinos, and Liquor Brands in the Tri-State area.

    Brand Ambassador   *Part-time paid position ( Paid performance \ non-salery )

    • Participates in regular strategy meetings and develops new programs and initiatives that are designed to further our mission.
    • Works effectively as part of a multi-disciplinary Marketing and Communications team to communicate, coordinate, and integrate Marketing and Communications, and apply best-in-class practices to all efforts.
    • To echo the current marketing campaign through the appropriate market.
    • Assists in developing opportunities to add additional value to marketing campaigns and events
    • Provides feedback and best practices to the Marketing support team on a consistent basis.

    *Must be 21 and older, have a moderate-large social network of friends & colleagues, and be initiated to all social media.

    Marketing Specialist Internship   *Part-time internship
    • Learn to outline workflow processes to increase the efficiency of the marketing campaign.
    • Assists with the development, writing, and communication of Marketing plans, promotional recaps, creative briefs, project recommendations, and presentations.
    • Helps to ensure that all locally-developed creative marketing materials undergo brand review and adhere to strict brand guidelines.
    • Assists with writing and editing of promotional literature, newsletters, direct marketing, and Internet marketing projects.
    • Assists in theme and content development for a variety of projects.
    • Provides assistance to marketing managers to execute local email and direct marketing programs.
    • Learn the complete spectrum of club & nightlife marketing and promotions from a leading edge Marketing firm.

    * Must be 21 or older, initiated to all social media, and have the ability to work some nights and weekends in a nightlife setting. Recent College grad or current student preferred.